United Way of Oakville (UWO) is committed to protecting the privacy of its donors by maintaining the confidentially of personal information. All information provided to UWO is used to assist in the annual fundraising campaign, to process and receipt donations, to distribute a contribution to a designated charity, to recognize donors, and to respond to donor information requests. Such information may be communicated to other charities according to the stated purpose for which the information was provided.

Donor Consent

UWO obtains prior donor consent for acknowledgement in recognition materials and does not exchange nor trade, in any way, the names of donors participating in workplace campaigns. UWO does not sell its mailing lists and does not share personal information with third parties unless authorized to do so or required by law.

Confidentiality and Security

UWO continually monitors how donor information is shared and stored. Hard copy files of specific individual information are kept under lock and key. UWO’s computer systems are secure and protect donor information from public view. The UWO website also uses a secure server to obtain personal information for donations and/or registration. The server software encrypts all information that you input before it is sent to the UWO office.