All change begins with leadership.


Community Leaders have the power to be instruments of change. They inspire others to create a better tomorrow. 


Among the most influential people to affect change in Oakville are the generous donors who contribute at the Leadership level, giving $1,200 or more annually. When you give a Leadership gift you are leaving your mark on Oakville by creating lasting change. You are also setting an example to motivate others to give a similar levels. You join a select group of donors who are committed to building strong, healthy communities.



Double your Gift’s Impact

Sprott Foundation Logo       The Sprott Foundation Matching Challenge

The Sprott Foundation Matching Challenge matches dollar for dollar new and increased Community Leadership gifts to United Way Oakville. Become a first time Community Leadership donor by increasing your gift from $850 to $1,200 and The Sprott Foundation will match your entire donation doubling your gift’s impact!


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Read about the Leaders in your community!

Meet Anne Smith

Manager, Community Leadership Giving at United Way Oakville

“Everyone has a slightly different idea of what it means to be a Community Leader. Most people agree, however, that it encompasses more than one’s title or position. Similarly, at United Way Oakville we believe Community Leaders are more than just donors. They are people who catalyze action in their communities. They are people who take initiative to make a difference in their own backyard – where real change begins.”

Email Anne or call 905-845-5571 ext 230.