The success of United Way Oakville is rooted in a devoted and enthusiastic team of more than 200 volunteers, without whom we would not be able to combat the struggles experienced by countless people in Oakville.

As needs increase, so does the community’s need for valiant and passionate individuals who understand their power to create lasting change in our neighbourhoods.

Please see below for the ways in which you can create a better life for the members of your community.

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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is comprised of senior elected volunteers who oversee the vision and strategic direction of United Way Oakville by establishing policies, managing funds and offering insight into the community. Board members must live or work in Oakville and have valuable experience in labour, business, government, or the voluntary sector, and must commit to a three-year term.


Please contact Brad Park, CEO of United Way Oakville to get involved. Email Brad

Campaign Cabinet

The Campaign Cabinet is comprised of experienced volunteers, and is responsible for the development and integration of the annual campaign, motivating resources and conducting fundraising visits. Cabinet members must hold a senior position in the private or public sector in Oakville, and must commit to a one year term.


Contact Jennifer Loker, Director of Resource Development, to get involved. Email Jennifer

Community Impact Cabinet

The Community Impact Cabinet is responsible for making funding recommendations and creating policies regarding funding allocations. Members must be team players with strong analytical skills and knowledgeable about the social services sector.


Please contact Anne Smith, Director of Community Impact, to get involved. Email Anne

Agency Funding Committee

The Agency Funding Committee is responsible for reviewing and assessing funding applications, and meeting with individuals from the agencies being assessed. Members must have knowledge of the health and social service sector, live or work in Oakville, and have well-developed interpersonal skills.


Please contact Anne Smith, Director of Community Impact, to get involved. Email Anne

Expert Speaker/Consultant

This role is responsible for assisting in the provision of advice, skill enhancement and organizational support to non-profit agencies through facilitation of workshops or direct consultation as part of the Training & Consulting Program. Consultants must have experience in the non-profit sector, strong interpersonal skills and be able to attend all scheduled training and facilitation sessions.


Please contact Anne Smith, Director of Community Impact, to get involved. Email Anne