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Pledge me in this year’s #UWOBusPull supporting @UWOakville! (INSERT YOUR PAGE URL HERE)

I am showing my strength at @UWOakville #UWOBusPull Sept. 20! Help me strengthen Oakville (INSERT YOUR PAGE URL HERE)



United Way Oakville supports 1 in 5 Oakville residents through our funded programs. That’s 34,000 people. Please help me help those in need by pledging me in United Way Oakville’s Bus Pull (INSERT YOUR PAGE URL HERE)




Dear _________,


I am reaching out to you today to ask you to join me in the fight against social injustice in our community. Did you know 1 in 9 kids in Oakville wakes up in poverty? With your help we can change that! On September 20th I, and seven of my colleagues will be pulling a bus to raise awareness and drive change in Oakville. Please help me make a difference by visiting my page and joining in the fight here (INSERT YOUR PAGE URL).

With your donation, you have ensured that your neighbours, friends and maybe even your family have the best chance to make it through the challenging situations we are all faced with during our lives.

Please join me in our fight today with a life changing donation.

Thank you.




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