Employees thrive in a workplace that cares

Each year nearly 80 community-minded organizations and local unions participate in United Way Oakville’s Annual Workplace Campaign. In partnership with United Way, organizations and their employees make a direct impact on the Oakville community. As a result of the 2015 campaign, United Way raised $4.31 million!

Your partnership with United Way Oakville benefits your workplace and our community.  Your generous support of United Way is a powerful reflection of your organization’s commitment to corporate social responsibility and the health and well-being of the Oakville Community.

Plan Your Campaign

Plan your own Workplace Campaign

A workplace campaign is easy and fun!

Campaign Toolkit

Campaign Toolkit

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At TD Canada Trust we are always looking for ways to improve both our customer experience and our community experience.

Billy Boucher, Emma & Julia Mogus and Michael Zack

“United Way Oakville allows us to make a real and lasting difference in the lives of over 30,000 people across Oakville each year through our support and sponsorship of its events and annual campaign. Because United Way Oakville is always aware of the current and emerging needs in our community, TD is confident that our support is always directed towards the greatest needs in order to achieve the greatest results. This is our community.


We live and work here too. TD Canada Trust’s unwavering support of United Way Oakville ensures a stronger community, healthier lives ourhealthissues.com and a better future for all.”

5 Ways to Support United Way

Give a Corporate Gift
Instill employee pride in your organization by demonstrating your commitment to our community with your corporate gift or match employee donations.


Run a Leadership Campaign

Leadership donations ($1,200+) provide significant resources to improve lives in our community.


Run an Employee Campaign
Running a United Way campaign in your workplace not only raises essential resources for our community, it helps build strong teams, boosts morale, and unites employees in an inspirational cause.


Send us a Loaned Representative
Loan or sponsor a rising star from your employee group to work alongside our fundraising staff for 16 weeks in the fall. They will gain skills and experience and return to your workplace inspired and energized with a deeper understanding of our community and the impact of workplace investment in United Way.

Become a United Way Sponsor
There are several sponsorship opportunities available, including publications, events, training, and the Loaned Representative Program. Sponsorships help keep our costs low while providing your organization with a unique opportunity for exposure in the community.