George Mitrovski, John Lever, Kim Aspinall and Allyson Angus at the 2014 Mayor`s Invitational Golf Tournament.


From New Brunswick and Newfoundland, to Mississauga and Oakville, Kim Aspinall has supported United Way through RBC all over Canada, running workplace campaigns and inspiring her coworkers. Due to her strident professional development, Kim’s location keeps changing, but her resolve to help people doesn’t budge.

Now serving as a Branch Manager and Mutual Fund Representative at RBC Royal Bank in Oakville, Kim started out her career with United Way in St. John’s, New Brunswick, where she generously gave her time and energy as a two-time workplace campaign volunteer. Later Kim moved to Newfoundland, where she again volunteered to take on their United Way campaign.

“My motivation to be involved has been fueled by seeing first hand the impact that United Way has in our communities,” explained Kim, whose drive to strengthen her town is evidenced by the incredibly successful campaigns she helps RBC run year after year.

When Kim moved to Ontario in later years, she brought her commitment to United Way along with her, and served two concurrent years as an RBC campaign volunteer in Mississauga, and finally Oakville, where we have had the privilege of benefiting from Kim’s passion, dedication and attention to detail, all of which allowed for seamless coordination between the different bank branches, who were all eager and proud to support their community. This year Kim was instrumental in organizing presentations at each branch, which helped to inform employees about United Way and its impact in the community. Kim also organized agency tours to help show RBC employees exactly where their money was going. The result was an outstanding $113,000 raised for United Way.

Thank you, Kim, for all of your hard work and innovation!


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