On Friday, November 20th have your breakfast, lunch or dinner at select restaurants and help Paint the Town Red!


We know why we love to dine out! Here’s a few reasons why you should too:


# 10 – You Were Hungry Anyway



Chances are, you are probably planning to eat today, right? You might as well grab some grub at one of the many participating restaurants in your area. It won’t change the price of your food at all, and part of the money you spend will go towards the 31 agencies and 52 programs United Way Oakville funds in our community.



# 9 – You Want To Impress Your Date


Sure, it’s sweet that you bought flowers and opened the car door for your date, but this is your chance to really shine. Suggest not only a romantic dinner for two, but one at an establishment that is giving a portion of the proceeds to charity.



# 8 – You Already Have Dinner Plans, But Lunch Is Open

Not everyone knows that there is an abundance of restaurants that offer not just dinner but also lunch (and breakfast, and desert!) as a way to raise money. So those excuses about how you already had plans to eat your mom’s cooking, or you plan to be at work late and get take out – they’re not going to work. When the lunch bell rings you can be a part of Paint the Town Red.



# 7 – You Wanted To Try That New Place

Dozens of restaurants are taking part in this year’s event and there is something for everyone. Are you a foodie? We’ve got you covered. Love to support local businesses? Check. Or do you use every excuse you can to try the latest hot spots? Say no more, Paint the Town Red can help you out.



# 6 – You Can Make It A Tradition


Taste of Colombia II


Paint the Town Red is part of United Way Oakville’s annual fundraising campaign, which is growing each year. Take part in the excitement, and make it a family tradition for each year to come!




# 5 – You Were Planning A Coworker Outing


Alice Fazoolis


Whether it’s a business luncheon or a colleague’s going away part, your office is always finding a reason to out to the local watering hole. On November 20th, that office excursion can raise money for United Way Oakville. Bring the whole team, increase the restaurant’s donation, and look good in the eyes of your boss!




# 4– You Want To Contribute To A Good Cause


You won’t know it until you’ve done it, but during Paint the Town Red there’s a certain magic in the air. You may have your own table, but you’re eating dinner with thousands of people who, just like you, want to join together to help build a stronger community.


# 3 – Your Contribution Stays In Your TownIMG_7547


There’s nothing like seeing your contribution have an influence right in front of your eyes. When you participate in this event you are raising money in your town, for your town. The funds remain right where they were raised – in your backyard.



# 2 – You Can Make A Difference In Someone’s Life


United Way Oakville has a profound impact on our community by ensuring an essential network of programs and services work together to achieve lasting, positive change. Next to government, United Way is the largest funder of the voluntary and social services in Canada. Did you know 1 in 9 children in Oakville lives in poverty? Through Paint the Town Red, you have the power to inspire change and create a better tomorrow.



#1 You Know There’s No Easier Way To Give




Your meal will cost just as much as it would any other day of the year, only this time a portion of what you’re spending goes to charity. All you need to do in order to assist United Way Oakville is eat at a participating restaurant. Of course, we won’t judge you if you go a little nuts, order that appetizer and indulge in that dessert – it is, after all, for a good cause.





 Join us Friday, November 20th and help Paint the Town Red!

Find out what restaurants are participating!




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