Congratulations to United Way Oakville employees Ewa Gorska and Chandra Hardeen for 10 years of service to the community 

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Talk to anyone working in the non-profit industry and they’ll be sure to tell you it’s a challenging but rewarding job. Long hours, high demands and constrained resources are routine.  But with nearly 1.2 million people working in over 69,000 organizations, it’s clear that the charitable sector gives back something to its employees that you can’t put a price tag on.


For employees Ewa Gorska and Chandra Hardeen, working for a non-profit does just that. On May 27, Ewa and Chandra were recognized by United Way Centraide Canada for their 10 years of outstanding service. The two achievement awards were presented by Jacline Abray-Nyman, President & CEO of United Way Centraide Canada, at the United Way Ontario Annual General Meeting in recognition of the integral role they have played helping people in our community.


Ewa on Team United Way at a bike-a-thon for the community

Ewa Gorska is the Administrator of Finance & Database at United Way Oakville. A former school teacher, she has always been involved in the community. Prior to working for United Way, Ewa worked at Halton Multicultural Council – a United Way funded agency.

“I love my job. I have always thought it was important to give people a helping hand. I wanted to do non-profit work so that I could help make change happen. Each of the programs funded by United Way are vital to the community as a whole. Having emigrated from Poland as a child, I understand the difficulty of getting accustomed to a new country, and I am so proud of the newcomer services United Way makes possible.”


Chandra at the United Way holiday celebration

Chandra Hardeen is the Director of Community Impact for United Way Oakville and has dedicated her career to the non-profit sector.   Before coming to United Way Oakville, she worked with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada for 8 years.

“United Way Oakville  has given me 10 years of extraordinary experience. It’s been filled with many successes and some disappointments. But working here has brought me so much joy. I have been privileged to serve my community through United Way, and I am looking forward to influencing more change in Oakville.”




Whether in the fields of social services, health care, online medications, community housing, the environment, sports, recreation, arts or culture, there are countless career paths for people who share the sector’s common vision: to make a differenceBoth of these incredible women have dedicated 10 years working to better our community. Thank you for all of your hard work and congratulations on all of your incredible achievements along the way.




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