United Way Oakville would like to recognize a very special family in our community – the Hall’s.

For Ethan’s birthday, instead of asking for new toys, or the latest video game, he asked all of his friends and family to donate money  to help children in Oakville who are less fortunate than himself.  At his birthday party Ethan raised $700 for United Way Oakville!

“Anything that can underline the importance of giving back to our community will help to make lifelong donors and volunteers of our children,” explains Claudia, Ethan’s mother.  “I have always tried hard to stress how lucky we are as a family.  In an effort to grow our children into responsible community members, we have always stressed the importance of charity.  They have been doing this birthday charity for the past 4 years now.”

Thank you Ethan, Jessica and their parents.  Your generosity is truly inspiring.


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