HELP AND HOPE. We all need it at some point to face life’s challenges. Your support can help unlock a child’s potential, extend a warm Canadian welcome to your neighbour, and ensure quality of life for the golden years.

Oakville is known for having a high standard of living. However, this community struggles with issues that are often hidden, including poverty, mental health issues, addictions and family violence. You can’t build a great future without the right tools – and it is your gift that will make these tools available to our community. Your support can empower youth today, ensure a brighter tomorrow for a frail senior, or save lives by offering compassion in a time of crisis.

The 2013 Campaign represents what United Way is all about. People coming together and joining forces to help others. Hundreds of volunteers are mobilized in this community working hard to bring together resources for our funded agencies.

But we need you.

Through your participation in our campaign, each of you plays a significant role building a better future for our families, our friends, our neighbours and our community. With less than 40 days until our Community Celebration we are still facing a shortfall. It’s a big challenge to raise $4.35 million. But as someone who has lived in Oakville for many years, I have come to know the fabric that supports our community: the people. The people that make up this town are some of the most kind and generous people I know. As the 2013 Campaign Campaign Chair I have had the opportunity to witness incredible acts of charity that have given me the renewed belief that if we keep pushing we can truly create meaningful change.

Help close the gap to make Oakville a great place to live for everyone.


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